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The Pulse, news that empowers you!

Our goal is to empower our global community with a wide array of content centered around the value of "Empowerment."
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The Pulse Story

Our team originated from our passion of Impact Theory (IT) and their focus on empowerment in the Web 3.0 space. Our shared values inspired us to work together and build a community newsletter within their ecosystem. 

With the release of the Official IT Newsletter, we’re stepping out of the IT community on a mission to bring the value of “empowerment” to more communities and continue to grow ours. We are also dedicated to writing about varying topics that interest us. People can consume empowering information relevant to what they want to read.

The Pulse


We help NFT projects build deeper connections with their communities
Weekly news bulletins
Project launches are just the beginning of the overall roadmap. Your communities are busy with everyday life and can struggle to stay informed. We can help keep them informed on what's happening with a weekly newsletter.
Blogs & article writing
Are you interested in having us write about your project? These are a great way to introduce people to what you're offering, and we can help spread the word.
Resources & Wiki's
We've got an excellent team that can put together resources and wikis for your projects. Our preferred tool for this is Gitbook. Join our Discord to reach out to one of our contributors.
Community engagement
We've discovered that Web3 Communities can be tough to manage for projects just looking to build. We were made from a community to help our community. We live the value of empowerment, which is a thriving community's core value. Let us help you drive excellent community engagement.
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What People Say

Serving the community is what matters to us.
@Cryptoad"This team is built different"
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I'm already subscribed and just got the latest newsletter. It's so well written! This team is built different!! 🙏
@AuthenticallyRyan"Such an insightful read"
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There is so much happening on discord that sometimes I just prefer checking accountments and reading The Pulse as its such an insightful read on everything ITFK. Thank you for it!
@d3go"Great summary of key events"
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The pulse always does a great summary of the key events, to catch up - basically part of the community takes notes, goes point by point, it's reviewed by others, and published