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Blur Airdrop Explained and How To Claim Yours Now


With many in the NFT industry feeling that the current marketplaces were lacking a lot, Blur NFT platform is aiming to revolutionize NFT trading after raising an $11 million seed round.

Now has launched we get to see what features they offer and in this article, we’ll discuss the 2 airdrops they’ve announced and explain how you can claim the BLUR token.

What is Blur NFT?

Blur is an NFT marketplace that will no doubt attract a lot of professional NFT traders. However, it’s so feature-rich that labeling it as just another marketplace would probably be unfair.

While the established marketplaces are focused on clean design and a simple interface for beginners, Blur is bringing a lot of useful tools and “blazing fast” speed to ensure you can be the first to snag the best deals. 

What’s special about Blur NFT?

Blur is an NFT marketplace for “more experienced web3 users and professional traders. It offers portfolio analytics and an aggregation tool that shows NFT prices across many different markets, while arguably the biggest selling point is 0% marketplace fees.

Using Blur, traders may “snipe reveals faster than anywhere else”, and purchases are “10x faster” than other batch-buying NFT tools.

So what is Blur Token?

Blur recently announced they will have their own token called $BLUR which is expected to reward the community and act as a governance token. This should allow users who own BLUR tokens to have a say in how the project progresses. The goal here will be to have a platform owned and driven by the community.

When will the Blur Token be available to trade?

The Blur token is scheduled to launch at the start of 2023.

How Do We Claim The Blur Token?

To participate in the first airdrop, you need to claim your “care packages”. All you need to do is head to, and follow these 5 steps:

  1. Connect your wallet and click ‘Airdrop’ to view how many crates you’re eligible for.
  2. Check out your ‘Portfolio’ and list one of your NFTs for sale to qualify.
  3. Head back to ‘Airdrop’ to view your crates.
  4. Reveal each one of your packages to see if you won any ‘Rare’ or ‘Legendary’ variations.
  5. Follow the instruction to share a tweet and you’ll also get a FREE crate. 

From January we should be able to exchange these packages for BLUR tokens. 

Second Airdrop coming soon – How will it work?

Blur have also announced that they’re going to have another airdrop coming very soon. 

This second one will reward the most active users on the platform. The higher the volume, the higher the rarity of the care package received. The requirements and amounts are not clear yet, so make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter as we’ll have further announcements very soon.

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