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OnChain Monkey: The first 10K NFT Collection Inscribed on Bitcoin

OCM has gained a dedicated cult following since its release in 2021, and they just added another historic moment for the OnChain Monkey community. The holders of these NFTs were pleasantly surprised as they saw the value skyrocket following the team creating Bitcoin duplicates with Ordinals. Historic BTC-based NFTs The excitement surrounding NFTs based on […]

Reddit’s Avatars And The Future Of NFTs. Everything You Need To Know.

Reddit’s users creating millions of crypto wallets to buy NFTs was one of the most commented news over the last 2 weeks in the NFT universe. Why is this a big deal? What does this mean for the future of NFT adoption? Let’s take a look!  During a panel at TechCrunch Disrupt, Reddit’s Chief Product Officer […]

NFT ALPHA – Dutch Auctions

How to approach Dutch Auctions in NFT mintingIn this post, I will take all of you through the process I used to approach the World of Women Galaxy Dutch Auction and how I was able to correctly predict the price at which it would sell out.Initial Observations: WoW is a blue-chip project. They have become […]

NFT ALPHA – The Otherside

Présenté par : @starlordGMI (légendaire DAO) The Otherside et son impact potentiel sur le marché NFT La plupart d’entre vous ont probablement entendu parler du YUGA labs – Otherside drop qui se déroulera le 30 avril. Dans cet article, je donnerai les détails du drop et formulerai des hypothèses basées sur des données sur la façon […]

NFT ALPHA – The Otherside

Por: @starlordGMI (Legendary DAO) “The Otherside” y su potencial impacto en el mercado de NFT  La mayoría de ustedes probablemente ya habrán oído hablar del lanzamiento de YUGA Labs – Otherside que se hará el 30 de abril. En este post voy a dar los detalles sobre el lanzamiento, hacer proyecciones basadas en datos sobre cómo podría […]

NFT ALPHA – The Otherside

Brought to you by: @starlordGMI (Legendary DAO) The Otherside and its potential impact on the NFT market  Most of you would have probably heard of the YUGA labs – Otherside drop that is happening on 30 April. In this post I will give the details of the drop and make data based assumptions on how the drop […]

NFT ALPHA – Rocket Factory

Brought to you by: @starlordGMI (Legendary DAO) In this week’s article, I will discuss the NFT project Tom Sachs Rocket Factory, one of the most unique NFT projects out there. The project was started by Tom Sachs, an American contemporary artist. He has built numerous space-related sculptures throughout his career. Quote from the medium article when this […]

NFT Alpha – FewoWorld

FewoWorldA project to watch out for Fewoworld is the first generative art project by Fewocious. Who is fewocious? Victor Langlois, also known as fewocious is one of the world’s leading digital artists. He is the youngest artist ever to be featured on Christie’s and has already earned multi-millions through his earlier drops. Links to articles […]

NFT ALPHA 25/03/2022

Brought to you by: @starlordGMI (Legendary DAO) Alpha: TheLegendaryDAO. Second funding cycle is now live!! The LegendaryDAO was formed by Impact theory key holders. Our mission at TheLegendaryDAO is to create a community where we share alpha and help each other succeed in this fast paced NFT space. We buy NFTs from blue chip NFTs based […]

NFT ALPHA 11/03/2022

Brought to you by: @starlordGMI (Legendary DAO) Alpha: 10ktf continued The speculation about 10ktf’s collab with GUCCI turned out to be true and now we have all the details for it. This collection is designed by Alessandro Michele (creative director of GUCCI) and crafted by Wagmi San.  OG members of 10ktf and GUCCI communities have been airdropped […]