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Reddit’s Avatars And The Future Of NFTs. Everything You Need To Know.

Reddit’s users creating millions of crypto wallets to buy NFTs was one of the most commented news over the last 2 weeks in the NFT universe. Why is this a big deal? What does this mean for the future of NFT adoption? Let’s take a look!  During a panel at TechCrunch Disrupt, Reddit’s Chief Product Officer […]

Beware of the new WETH scam on OpenSea & keep your NFTs safe

Opensea WETH scam

The amount of spam NFTs being sent is increasing and scammers are now using a new trick to try and steal the NFTs from your wallet. They are sending you free NFTs and hoping you take the bait. These offers can look VERY tempting, so you need to know what to look for and be […]

Blur Airdrop Explained and How To Claim Yours Now


With many in the NFT industry feeling that the current marketplaces were lacking a lot, Blur NFT platform is aiming to revolutionize NFT trading after raising an $11 million seed round. Now has launched we get to see what features they offer and in this article, we’ll discuss the 2 airdrops they’ve announced and […]

Learn how to transfer multiple POAPs at once

Discovered & Tested By BWx70  – Written By HeuRea – Oct 31, 2021 – Updated on Oct 17, 2022 By Mr_Smoke In the past, it could be quite frustrating to transfer multiple POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) to another wallet as each one would require its own transaction.Now with uNFT, users are able to transfer […]

Meta just released NFT sharing on Facebook and Instagram


Users in 100 countries can now connect their NFT wallets to Facebook and Instagram NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) have finally arrived on Facebook and Instagram after Meta just announced the arrival of its new digital collectible feature to all US users. The new feature allows you to post and share your NFTs. Meta (Facebook’s parent company) […]

Isekai Meta – Faction Wars Begin

A consistent theme in NFT projects is how their communities fade after mint. Before the mint date, their Discords and Twitter accounts are abuzz with nonstop activity, mainly from people hoping to prove themselves worthy of an allowlist slot. Once the minting window ends, this quickly dries up. Attention moves fast in this space, and […]