The Pulse

The Pulse – 2022/01/21

Upcoming Live Events Weekly Legendary CallJan 21st 11:30am PST/ Next Week: Jan 28th 11:30am PST#Legendary LoungeCLICK HERE FOR THE DISCORD ANNOUNCEMENT MelonMinds Talk hosted by @Ono | The Shard Chronicles AuthorJan 22nd at 11:00am PST#Event RoomOno will be diving into how to find your purpose, and will include a problem-solving/purpose-finding Q&A!CLICK HERE FOR THE DISCORD […]

Upcoming Live Events – Jan15th

Building in Web 3 with Tom Bilyue and Micah Johnson Jan 18th 11am PST in #Building in Web 3 Stage Founder’s Key Burn Jan 24th 12.30pm PST in #Event Room Weekly Legendary Call This week: Jan 21st 11.30am PST/ Next Week: Jan 27th noon PST #Legendary Lounge

The Pulse – 2022/01/14

Discord 2.0 is incoming! Over the next day IT will be prepping and updating discord!  What do I have to do? Absolutely nothing! It will all happen for you. If I verified my ITFK/MM, will I have to again? No need to reverify How will I know it happened? The channels you can see will be […]