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Community Spotlight – Mayatt

This week we got to interview the incredible mayatt#2011!

1) Please tell us more about yourself! Where are you from? What are you passionate about?

My name is Matt, I’m from Brisbane Australia. Had I been asked what my passions were at any time since I was 15 I would have said Powerlifting, but since my wife fell pregnant last year and our little girl Millie was born, so many things have changed.

I find myself drawn even more to business and personal development but all with a mind to being the best Father and Husband I can be.

I love my career in sports massage because it allows me to help people continue with their own passions and avoid injury. I know from experience what it can do to a person to be robbed of a part of them that makes them who they are.

2) What first brought you to Impact Theory?

When I first started listening to Tom and Impact theory, I had suffered a herniated disc – not the worst injury I had sustained but the most difficult to recover from. Lifting had been my life for many years and having gone from winning national and international competitions to being unable to train had me in an identity crisis. I began listening to Tom on the drive to work, trying to spend enough time with his content that I could add him to the 5 people I spend the most time with.

3) As one of our most active community members, what encourages you to stay?

I continue to be grateful for Toms’s content, it brings so much clarity and calm to my mind in what is a really trying but beautiful time of life (sleep deprivation with a newborn sends you crazy).

The relationships I have formed here in the community are really meaningful to me, we are all drawn here due to shared values and so I have found unlike a lot of other Web3.0 communities, this one brings me more energy than it consumes.

4) What are you most excited about for the future of IT (short term & long term)? What projects are you most looking forward to, and why?

I am super excited about the upcoming Kyzen drop, because I’m a huge superhero fan and they definitely have those vibes, but I am really, really pumped for Merry Modz.

Disney movies are my go-to, and I love the idea of empowerment woven into the story. Who doesn’t love a hero’s journey, but I find often movies will montage their way through the development phase, I expect MerryModz to make that journey the focus of the movie, rather than the destination like we see most often.

5) What’s your biggest goal right now? Is there anything any of us in the community may be able to help you with to achieve that goal?

Right now in my life, I’m focusing on being present as a Dad, while we grow our massage business and our gym, which only opened this week! I do also have a goal of getting back on the lifting platform, even if for a local competition, by the end of the year.

6) What’s one thing you’ve learned in life that you wish everyone knew?

If there was one piece of wisdom I could impart to everyone I know (and I do to my captive audience on the massage table), it’s that 12 months will pass whether we are growing or not, whether we are joyful or not, whether we are fulfilled or not. It only makes sense to choose to live a life that brings you those things you value because the clock is ticking regardless. We can stay where we are, or be intentional and see where life can take us.

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