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How To claim, Convert And Sell Your ETHW (Old Proof Of Work ETH)

In this article we’ll explain how to add the ETHW token to your wallet, claim the airdrop, then transfer and convert from ETHW to any other coins.

The Ethereum Merge has been finalized flawlessly. If you are a regular ETH user/holder, you don’t need to worry. Your ETH is safe in your wallet, but there have been some forks to the main chain, and now, you can access some of these “new” tokens.

So let’s look how to claim ETHW…

  1. Add the token to your wallet

    Go to your self custodial wallet (for example Metamask), where you had some ETH before the merge, and click the button in the top right to select Settings > Networks > Add network.

  2. Add the following details to add the ETHW token to your wallet:

Manually adding the the Ethereum POW network to Metamask

Following these steps, you should now be able to see your ETHW, the same way you’re used to seeing your regular ETH.

3. Now, let’s find an exchange

Go to and search for ETHW, and you’ll find which exchanges have the token listed, and more importantly compare the prices they are offering.

4. Transfer your ETHW to an exchange

Once you have an account with the exchange, transfer your ETHW from your wallet to the exchange.
Once the ETHW is deposited in the exchange you’ll be able to convert to regular ETH, stablecoins like USDC or any other cryptocurrency of your choice before transferring back to your wallet for safekeeping.

Final Questions

What can I do if I had ether deposited in a centralized exchange before the merge?

In this case, it will depend completely on the exchange to access your Proof of Work Ether. FTX for example listed the coins as soon as the merge happened, every case will be different. Opening a support ticket with the exchange seems to be the best alternative here.

Will there be other big Ethereum forks?

Nobody knows for sure, but probably yes. We will be discussing it in our Discord and Twitter.
In any case, be careful, there will be many scams trying to get you to sign/approve/connect. The procedure for accessing other potential forks should be very similar to the one described in this guide. Add the new network to your wallet, and that’s all, you do have to sign, nor approve anything at any point.

Don’t expect to make life changing money with these “airdrops”, as ETHW is the most prominent fork right now and at time of writing it’s trading around $13 compared to ETH $1400+.

Hopefully this helped explain what you can do with your ETHW. Let us know what you do with yours.

Nothing in this guide has not been financial advice. 

If you enjoyed this guide, check out our full rundown on the merge.

Nacho is a writer for The Pulse. He is mostly involved in NFTs, Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem. Freedom advocate.
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