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Isekai Meta – Faction Wars Begin

A consistent theme in NFT projects is how their communities fade after mint. Before the mint date, their Discords and Twitter accounts are abuzz with nonstop activity, mainly from people hoping to prove themselves worthy of an allowlist slot.

Once the minting window ends, this quickly dries up. Attention moves fast in this space, and without something big, juicy, and mouthwatering to keep people hooked (like an allowlist slot or even a coveted free mint), there usually isn’t enough to keep them coming back. Even for projects I love, if I’m not getting regular updates, I tend to hold them in my wallet and check in once or twice every few weeks.

Far from the daily activity I believe is necessary to keep communities thriving. I’m looking for projects that are brainstorming and implementing strategies to overcome this attention dip, and that’s what got me excited about Isekai Meta’s Faction Wars.

The Isekai Meta universe splits its NFTs into nine different Factions. When buying into their project, you have the choice to represent yourself in their world as a Human, Beast, Dragon, Jelly, Demon, Zombie, Angel, Puppet, or Mech. I’ve listed them from most to least common, with Humans being the most common Faction in the collection and Mechs being the least. Furthermore, the collection includes nine 1/1 Faction Leaders, one for each Faction.

The leader of the Angel Faction sold last month for nearly 20 ETH! We’re all curious to see how the Faction Leader system will play into their planned community engagement and how significant a role the holders of these rare NFTs will play. I went for the Jelly faction, as I could not resist their skeletal faces and glowing eyes. Mine has a melting ice cream cone for hair, and I love it.

The day I bought my Isekai!

If handled well, Faction Wars have the potential to be a way to keep Isekai Meta’s community actively engaged long after their mint hype has faded. They just launched the first phase of Faction Wars, SEASON 1, a few days ago on September 20th, 2022.

The announcement on their Discord server stated, “The summoning is complete and my what a strange world we have come upon. After spending some time in this new world, it’s clear that we have some differences. Humans, swear your allegiances. Choose your faction. Legendaries, pick your side. Your choice equals 10 humans. Faction Leaders, gather up and make your appearances. We have a war to settle.”

An example of the beautiful splash art on the Isekai Meta website.

The first season of Faction Wars seems to be a way to drum up additional community engagement. Factions are encouraged to band together, creating Stickers and Memes for individual challenges related to both. They’re encouraged to share these creations on the official Discord and on Twitter to sway humans to their side.

If you remember from earlier, humans are the most common Faction and therefore have the freedom to choose to join forces with any of the other Factions. It will be up to the organized forces of each Faction to show holders of the Human NFTs that their community will provide the most fun, excitement, engagement, and power for the Seasons to come.

Now is the time for each Faction to bolster their ranks with humans to outnumber any opposition.

E.clipse is a writer for The Pulse and an explorer of Web3. He's involved in many different projects, especially those with origins in anime and video games. He is currently a Community Advisor for Impact Theory, an Engineer with Collected, a Lore Writer and Moderator for the Overborne NFT project, and an Ambassador for the Legendary DAO.

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