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IT Staff Spotlight – Tort

This week we got to interview one of the OG community managers responsible for bringing us many of the awesome events we have every week, meet Tort

1. What is your job role?

I am a Community Manager along with Pags and Shay! We are responsible for all aspects of the Discord and fostering the Impact Theory community.

2. How did your career at IT begin?

My career at IT began as a community member! Up until I found the Impact Theory Discord I was never active in many online communities. However, I had been a fan of Tom’s for many years and knew I wanted to work for IT. I DM’d Tom on Twitter asking to work for free back in September of 2021 (before the Discord was launched) and was told to follow up.

The Discord was launched and I saw the Community Manager position available and I set my sights on that. I was extremely active in the community for hours a day for many weeks. It was a slow process and took a ton of work but I caught the attention of the team. I wrote a job description for myself and kept pushing. Eventually, I was asked to interview and the rest is history. 

3. What’s a normal workday like for you?  

A “normal” work day can vary from day to day. There are the repetitive tasks that must be done such as support tickets and answering DM’s with various requests and situations. In addition, I coordinate the Melon Minds keynotes each week. I handle everything from scheduling and recording to submitting the POAPs and managing announcements. I’m also an active part of the Guardians and offer my support to them for whatever they might need. In essence, I am the liaison between them and the team. There are also internal duties that I assist with from documentation to helping out with marketing. All in all, I wear many hats depending on what needs to get done at that time. 

4. What do you love most about working for IT?

The community. I came from the community and will always consider myself part of the community. The people are what make Impact Theory so special. The people in this Discord are extremely talented and smart and I feel responsible to foster that energy in creative ways. 

5. Fav book or podcast?

Jocko Podcast. There’s nothing else quite like it and I love history. 

6. Fun fact about you?

I have a 4-year degree in computer science and am pursuing a Masters of AI. I love to tinker with different programming languages and make scripts, websites, discord bots … you name it. 

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