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IT Staff Spotlight – Connor

This week’s staff spotlight is on @Connor.
We know he does a lot behind the scenes, but we decided it was time to ask a few questions so you can get to know him a little better… 

  1. What is your job role?
    I am the NFT Project Manager at Impact Theory.
  2. How did your career at IT begin?
    My career at Impact Theory almost began in 2017. I was an avid listener of Tom’s first interview show called Inside Quest, which he launched while building Quest Nutrition before Impact Theory (IT). The show had a life-changing impact on me and inspired me to apply to work for Tom.
    Eventually, after IT was launched, I attended the very first IT in-person meet-up in Los Angeles. I made friends with the team and started developing relationships. Soon, I created 13 pages of my proposed business strategies for IT, and I sent it to Tom’s team. That was my way of showing that I have thought deeply about IT’s business and was willing to proactively do the work. Later, I interviewed and was offered a production internship, but production didn’t align with my career goals at the time. So, I decided to pursue other roles such as working for a blockchain/NFT company instead.
    Fast forward 5 years, and that’s when I discovered that Tom was now transitioning IT into a web3 company built around NFTs. Now, IT was becoming a company that truly combines many of my passions: creativity, empowerment/personal development, technology, storytelling, community, and so much more.
    That’s when I sent Tom a legendary DM on Twitter. My carefully crafted message got his attention, and he replied, “God damn. Let’s talk.” Within 5 days, I had an offer letter. The rest is history. (P.S. If anyone wants to see my Twitter message, reach out to me and I can coach you through my approach. This approach will work for IT, as well as any other dream job you might be pursuing.)

    3. What do you actually do day-to-day?
    As Project Manager, I manage all of our projects in the Web3/NFT space, such as Founder’s Keys, Merry Modz, Avatar Project, Discord Community, and more. To successfully launch these projects, I am constantly organizing information and ideas from Tom and team; identifying tasks, deliverables, and roadblocks; prioritizing where we spend time and energy; optimizing communications and setting up better internal processes for executing the projects.
    My day usually kicks off with a daily standup for our highest priority project, which is currently the Avatar project. Then, I spend my time working with our CTO and tech team to make sure all the requirements for the project are clearly articulated and being developed. In addition, I spend a chunk of time managing our other projects (e.g., Renderz and other side projects), working with our amazing community managers to improve our Discord community, and creating roadmaps for our projects (e.g., creating a copy/paste project plan in our project management software).

    4. What do you love most about working for IT?
    This ties into my answer for what I do day-to-day. One of the best parts of working at IT is that you can take ownership of just about any project. If you have an idea, you can take it from 0-1 (assuming you can make a good business case for it and make it happen). Or, if you want to take ownership (create a bounty program for IT Discord community) or participate in a certain project (e.g., testing Renderz marketplace before launch), you can proactively do that.
    I love that I am able to be involved in marketing, technology, smart contracts, community, creative brainstorming, etc. I get to do it all.

    5. Fav book or podcast?
    Every book by Paul Selig has been tremendously valuable to me. The books are very spiritually focused and somewhat esoteric, but the teachings are also highly practical. Paul “channels” the teachings from a group of disincarnate beings called The Guides. Often, he channels an entire book in 3-4 days and there are very few edits to the text, aside from grammatical improvements and clarifications.
    I think every human being should study the teachings of The Guides. It will help you realize how you create your world and yourself based on your history / programming. Essentially, who you think you are is who you have been taught to be by others. These teachings will challenge you to take dominion over your life, and to create yourself and the world anew.

    6. Fun fact about you?
    I received my first paycheck when I was a little baby. Before I could even walk, I was in a movie called “Raising Cain”. I was in one rainy thundery scene, being pushed in a baby stroller by the other adult actors. I had no lines and I don’t think my face was ever shown. Nevertheless, I certainly put on a legendary performance! ?

Marshoush was apart of the original founding group of The Pulse. Instrumental in creating some of the first imagery and logo for the The Pulse.

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