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ITFK 2nd Buyback Breakdown and Analysis

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The second ITFK buyback program took place during September 2022. Impact Theory repurchased at the price paid during mint or when buying on the secondary market.

All ITFKs bought back by Impact Theory were burned. ?

Second Buyback Breakdown

Legendary Tier: 408 keys burned (245 of which were “3ETH” keys*).

Heroic Tier: 296 Keys burned.

Relentless Tier: 810 Keys Burned.

Remaining supply, as of September 2022

Legendary Tier: 1870 keys in circulation (865 “3ETH” keys).

Heroic Tier: 3165 keys in circulation and 3486 keys in vault.

Relentless Tier: 8540.

*Token IDs 1-1387 were minted during presale/Whitelist @3ETH before dutch auction began. Holders of these are also set to receive a special utility key which will add special things to future projects. 

Special thanks to Mats | web3-data.eth and 2Shady. eth for putting together all this information. You can dig deeper into some more ITFK’s analytics following these links:

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