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NFT Alpha 04/02/2022

By: starlordGMI (link to Legendary DAO)

Cool Cats NFT:
This project is expanding its ecosystem with the launch of the Cool Pets collection. The Cool Pets have really cool gamified mechanics that are ‘a first’ for a top tier NFT project and I feel this will take the whole NFT space forward. The pets NFT will start off as an egg and evolve over 4 stages to its final form. Owners will be able to interact with their pet by giving it different items. The traits your pet gets will be based on your interactions with it. These items will be tradable on the projects’ marketplace in $MILK, which is the ERC-20 token of the Cool Cats ecosystem. You’ll be able to do quests with your pets to earn items and $MILK, while the cats will passively earn the latter. The Cool Cats community and the team are absolutely amazing, so I highly recommend that you check out their ecosystem.

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