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NFT ALPHA 04/03/2022

Brought to you by: starlordGMI (Legendary DAO)

Alpha : Project Analysis : 10kft

10ktf is a very unique NFT project. It launched in September 2021 in a stealth launch where anyone who held certain NFT collections could mint NFTs from 10ktf. Cool Cats, BAYC and other popular collections were supported. The 10ktf NFT you got had your “parent NFT” on it. The art is really clean and highly appreciated by most in the NFT space including Tom.

Lore : Wagmi San is a digital artisan who has a shop in New Tokyo. The shop opens on some days for limited time. While the shop is open, 10ktf items can be minted. A snapshot was taken of genesis holders and they were airdropped raw materials and tools. One can use these tools and raw materials to craft ( mint ) 10ktf blanks. Eg. One needs to have scissors and thread to be able to mint the Five Panel Hat.

10ktf stockroom collection :
This collection contains all raw materials, tools and blanks.
10ktf items collection :
This collection contains the 10ktf items.
The important traits to look out for are : Genesis items and the rarity of the item. These get benefits in airdrops.
There was another snapshot and all holders of 10ktf items got varying amounts of $NTD ( New Tokyo Dollars ) – the ERC 20 token of the 10ktf ecosystem. These token will play a role in the battle for new tokyo that is to be held in April 2022.

Team : This is a project by a which is a company founded by Legendary NFT artist Beeple.

The community is great and I have always had a great time in the grailed channel on 10ktf discord sever. This imo has all the makings of being a big project like RTFKT and I recommend everyone to check out the 10kft ecosystem. You can get more information about it through : and their official website :

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