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NFT Alpha 11/02/2022

By: starlordGMI (link to Legendary DAO)

This unique alpha will give you upside exposure to both Wolf Game and VeeFriends ecosystem. Wolf game is a probability-based blockchain game that captured the imagination of the NFT space when it minted in November 2021. There were several copycat projects and staking-based games that followed it. Currently pre-game (called alpha game) is being played with the full game set to go live in a couple of months. Alpha game white paper:

It involves staking your animals (wolves/sheep) to one of the teams. If you stake an animal or 20k wool into one of Gary’s teams (#11072 and #2773 – one lead by AJ and other by jonnymo) before 14th Feb then you’ll be get a VeeFriends mini drops NFT. These currently have a floor of 1.7 ETH.
– Cost of 20k wool – 1.25 ETH | Floor of sheep – 1.1 ETH
This VF mini-drops benefit is on top of the general incentive of participating in the alpha game (free $wool pouch) and the potential upside of the wolf game assets when the full game launches.

JMo (Alpha Wolf #2773) ?? @_jonnymo_A ?, ? or 20,000 $WOOL, ?-ed to @ajv or my packs. ? Valentine’s Day night (EST). This IS the way…! @wolfdotgame x @veefriends / @garyvee February 8th 202249 Retweets228 Likes

JMo (Alpha Wolf #2773) ?? @_jonnymo_We’ve created an FAQ doc for the @veefriends x @wolfdotgame team stakers drop! Hope helpful to many: VeeFriends x Wolf Game AJV/JMo Teams Staking Benefit FAQVeeFriends x Wolf Game AJV/JMo Team Staking Benefit FAQ What is happening?? AJV (#11072) and JMo’s (#2773) Alpha Game teams (co-captained on GV’s behalf, who owns both A8s) have announced an upcoming reward “drop” to be given to players who have staked with either of their teams in Alpha Game. … 9th 202235 Retweets147 Likes

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