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NFT Alpha 18/02/2022

By: starlordGMI (link to Legendary DAO)

Fewocious, who is one of the biggest artist in the NFT space is currently developing what he claims to be his biggest collection. Owning a piece from his past collections will provide utility with the upcoming collection. I would recommend checking out his ecosystem. This will be a long term play but a very solid one. You’ll also get to own and support amazing art by an incredible artist. Link to his tweet about FewoWorld:

FEWOCiOUS @fewociousYear 19 ahhhhhh!!! FEWOWORLD begins ? ??? ?? this year is gonna be craaazyyyy! ???

January 2nd 2022291 Retweets1,978 Likes

Article to know him better :

website link :
discord link :

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