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NFT ALPHA – Rocket Factory

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In this week’s article, I will discuss the NFT project Tom Sachs Rocket Factory, one of the most unique NFT projects out there.

The project was started by Tom Sachs, an American contemporary artist. He has built numerous space-related sculptures throughout his career.

Quote from the medium article when this project was announced.

“A successful NFT project pushes the NFT art space forward and grows the community. It educates new users and inspires them to sit at the table. It amplifies the best qualities of the current community. It respects the established framework and brings a new perspective. A successful project bridges the gap, carrying utility in the metaverse and “meat-space.” It is fair. It is transparent. It uses the full potential of the blockchain. It’s here for the long haul.”

I would say that the over the last 9 months the project has delivered on all of that and more!

The project combines creative narrative, unique NFT tech, and actual world events to take its holders on an enjoyable experience.

The project started with the release of Components NFT collection. There were 3 different type of components – a Nose Cone, a Body and a Tail assembly. Component NFTs could be claimed, traded and assembled to form a complete rocket through their website. A holder having all 3 components could assemble them to get a rocket NFT. The mint price for component NFTs was .15 ETH.

Each component had 1 out of 30 unique brands. Each component had a supply of 1000 and 100 of the 3000 total components had stickers on them which made them rare. If a rocket was combined from burning all 3 components of the same brand was called a Perfect rocket, while otherwise it was called a Frankenrocket.

Anyone who owned a rocket NFT had the option to launch their rocket for a fee of .1 ETH. When this is done, a physical replica of the rocket is made and launched in the real world. Several such launch events have happened till now. After the launch, the owners could receive the recovered rocket or choose to donate/shred it.

The early community members and holders of component/rocket NFTs got a ‘Test flight crew patch’ NFT.

Only 859 of the 3000 components remain and the rest have been used to be a part of rockets. The components and the rockets collections were one of the top collections on OS initially after launch. With many whales and celebs like Gary Vee and Pharrell Williams buying rare rockets.

The last few months of the project have focused on physical launches and planning for the second phase. The floor has been consolidated and held firmly because the community believes in the long-term team. The floor on the components collection is 2 ETH, while the 711 rocket collection has a floor of 4.2 ETH. At the same time, the highest sale of a rocket has been a whopping 115ETH.

Phase II of the project is called :The Mothership

The lore says that the mothership is both a vehicle and vessel having 1000 docking ports. Enough for all rockets assembled in phase 1. The mothership will go to mars, mine its resources and bring them back to earth.

Each rocket NFT holder and Test Flight crew patch holder can claim a Ticket NFT. This is a ticket to the mothership. There are different categories of tickets with crew patch holders getting economy class, un-launched rocket holders getting business while launched rocket NFT holders getting first class tickets. There is a segregation with the rockets having stickers having special tickets.

The significance of different categories will be in the amount of mined mars rock cargo they can bring back to earth. These will be rock NFTs that ticket holders will get.

I am quite excited to see this as the narrative and tech will be elaborate with each rock NFT being able to converted to discrete element NFTs.

These elements will then make it possible for rockets to do inter-galactic travel without the aid of the mothership ( in phase III)

The floor on the cheapest category of tickets – Economy class is around .2ETH right now. It may be well worth it to get exposure to one of the most unique NFT projects out there which will again start to get traction as phase II begins.

Tickets of business and first class are significantly costlier but justifiably so with their possible utility and low supply.


Medium : ( would highly recommend reading all articles to get a better understanding of the project)

Twitter :

Rockets collection OS :

Tickets collection OS :

Tom Sachs wikipedia :

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