The Pulse

Omnipotent Health & Fitness

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to end ALL preventable chronic diseases by inspiring the world to PRACTICE a health-conscious lifestyle. We do that by creating FUN classes and ENTERTAINING experiences regarding all aspects of health and fitness.

The Name:
In biology, an omnipotent cell is a very specific stem cell that can literally become any type of cell in the body. It can eventually become the cells that make up your hair, your gut, your skin, your biceps, or your brain. However, the omnipotent stem cell doesn’t just get there by chance, it needs the correct roadmap and blueprint to get there! We believe that no matter where you are on your health and fitness journey, even if you are self-described as a level 0, that you can transform yourself and level up to whoever and whatever you want! This is the Omnipotent ethos and this group is designed to help get you there!