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OnChainMonkey – Why On-Chain matters

In the pursuit of sharing new empowering content every week and working to become a hub for great communities, we are delighted to connect with OnChainMonkey (OCM).

OnChainMonkey is an NFT community started by Metagood whose mission is to empower communities to be catalysts for positive collective action. Their Genesis collection is the first on-chain profile picture (PFP) ever created in a single transaction. The 10,000 unique monkey images were all generated by a smart contract deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. And by an On-Chain collection, no JPEG image file of an OnChainMonkey is stored off the blockchain. This is what is commonly known as On-Chain art.

Genesis Collection

So, why is this so important? When dealing with an off-chain project, the blockchain is the medium where only the traded information is stored, but the digital file lives on a separate file system like Amazon Web Services or IPFS. This poses some level of risk, as it means there’s a chance that the NFT file could go away if the service storing it goes down.

OnChainMonkey was a stealth-free mint, so there was no information about it before its launch on September 11th, 2021, but it was still claimed in less than 4 hours!

Getting to know their team:

  • CEO, Danny Yang Ph.D. Founded Stanford Bitcoin Meetup in 2013. Founded Taiwan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Presented an NFT solution to land titles to the government of Egypt in 2015. Built one of the first visual block explorers for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ph.D. CS Stanford, BA Harvard.
  • COO, Amanda Terry. Former digital media business development executive at Twitter, NBC, and Neustar. Community Lead, 501c3 ACTAI Global. Managing Partner, ACTAI Ventures. MBA from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and BA from Princeton University.
  • Chairman, Bill Tai.

Their team is also formed by renowned artists, a lead engineer, a general counsel, and a troop of over 15 people with experience working at Google, Facebook, Amazon, startups, and other crypto companies.

OnChainMonkey also has a well-known group of investors, including people from Litecoin, 9GAG, Dapper Labs, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and various artists and actors.

Karma Collection

At this point, they have already formed a DAO, which is responsible for growing the OCM ecosystem and brand and sharing the values of OCM worldwide. Proposals via the OCM DAO could fund partnerships with companies, new ventures, derivative art projects, charitable donations, marketing campaigns, and more.


OCM community’s core values of !RISE:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Experimentation


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