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Project News 15/04/2022

Kyzen (Project Avatar):

  • The Project Avatar, now known as Kyzen now has its own separate channel within discord, where all news will be posted.Kyzen Character Reveals!
    First 2 of the 7 character concepts have been revealed. Stay up to date and re-tweet, follow and join Impact Theory Discord to qualify for Airdrops.Follow

Overview of Project Kyzen:

Kyzen Phase 1 – Starts with a Personality Test and then your Avatar will be assigned to a faction. From there you will be able to create 1 full body 3D Avatar per Founder’ Key or on purchase. There will be at least 5 Factions with an option to have them reset.

Founder’s Key holders will get a free Avatar per key, along with items and will be able to buy special items.

Things that impact your Avatar:

  • The symbols on the Founder’s key
  • Tier of Founder’s key
  • POAPs that you’ve collected
  • Rarity of the Founder’s key
  • Merry Modz NFTs
  • Multiple Founder’s keys (still unknown how)
  • Legendary Key Special NFT – for keys bought during Whitelist or Pre-sale (see Legendary section for more details)
  • Additional information:
    • Some items can only be earned and not transferred
    • There will be an element to that PFP that provides a clear IT branding to help identify community members
    • Ability to connect only one wallet at a time
    • Avatar will have no limit, but items will
    • When you resell the Founder’s key, Avatar is reset for the new owner
    • Possible physical merch, but not in Phase 1
    • Phase 2 – timeline still unknown
    • An ability to un-mint, swap items and re-mint for an ever changing PFP

Official Site:
Official Twitter:

Marshoush was apart of the original founding group of The Pulse. Instrumental in creating some of the first imagery and logo for the The Pulse.

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