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Project News 29/04/2022

Kyzen (Project Avatar):

  • The Project Avatar, now known as Kyzen now has its own separate channel within discord, where all news will be posted.Kyzen Character Reveals!
    The First 6 of the 7 character concepts have been revealed. On April 20th, IT had reopened all of the airdrop forms for the character’s reveals, and it remained open for 24 hours. This was a ONE TIME thing aimed at anyone who may have missed filling out one of the registration forms.
    Stay up to date and re-tweet, follow and join Impact Theory Discord to qualify for Airdrops.Follow CHARACTER REVEAL. Make sure tweet and register! Follow Project Kyzen on Twitter for all the details and jump into the Impact Theory Discord to chat with us about it!Image

Overview of Project Kyzen:

Launching in late Q2, Project Kyzen is more than just an avatar/pfp, it’s going to become a whole game-like experience as we pivot towards immersive online experiences that translate to real life skills and fun.

Phase 1: Will be focused on allowing the user to create an avatar from individual items (clothing, accessories, weapons) with varying degrees of rarity. Items can be purchased, won through leveling up, or at times granted for free depending on their key ownership or for winning a challenge. You will be able to create 1 full body 3D Avatar per Founder’ Key or on purchase.

Founder’s Key holders will get a free Avatar per key, along with items and will be able to buy special items.

This project is open for everyone to buy but owning a Founder’s key unlock the coveted Kyzen traits and features. There’s no limit to how many Avatars can be minted. Or unminted. Yes, you read that right – avatar and its items can be minted and uminted.

Things that impact your Avatar:

  • The symbols on the Founder’s key
  • Tier of Founder’s key
  • POAPs that you’ve collected
  • Rarity of the Founder’s key
  • Merry Modz NFTs
  • Multiple Founder’s keys (still unknown how)
  • Legendary Key Special NFT – for keys bought during Whitelist or Pre-sale (see Legendary section for more details)

Additional information:

  • Some items can only be earned and not transferred
  • There will be an element to that PFP that provides a clear IT branding to help identify community members
  • Ability to connect only one wallet at a time
  • Avatar will have no limit, but items will

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