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Project Update – 30/07/2022

Recent News on Impact Theory

  • Founder’s Key and Project Kyzen have new websites! Check them out at and
  • New ITFK wiki page
  • Kyzen-Kosplay. You can participate by creating your costume in the likeness of one of the Kyzen characters using items from around the house. Post your picture before July 30th. Full details here.
  • Christmas in July. The MerryModz Lore document has been released. Last Saturday, July 23rd, we had a trivia event in the IT Discord. Full details on that.

  • Project Kyzen “Sticker Book.” The virtual closet for your collectible outfits!Don’t miss your chance to win a Heroic Key! Which one of these new three outfits is your favorite?
  • Impact Theory is also looking to release official terms on 2nd round of Founder Key buybacks to be released in the coming weeks. We’ll keep everyone updated once we hear more.

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