The Pulse

Collected is a community built to create, grow and collaborate. It’s a brand with a set of values aligned to web3 principles. Collected currently has 2 projects in development

Impact Theory launched its first NFT project in Oct 2022 called Impact Theory Founder’s Key. This NFT project is just a piece of everything Impact Theory is building.

MetaDarius is a member of The Pulse community, and he’s looking to shine a light on how Web3 can empower gamers. With Web3’s aligned financial incentives and the fun of gaming, it’s just a matter of time until the masses realize this is the next step for AAA games.

The Trader’s Journey Discord is a learning environment covering risk management and principles that lead to success in investing. Investing is a part of everyday life, not just the stock market, cryptocurrency, or flipping. 

Omnipotent Health & Fitness is on a mission to end ALL preventable chronic diseases by inspiring the world to PRACTICE a health-conscious lifestyle. We do that by creating FUN classes and ENTERTAINING experiences regarding all aspects of health and fitness