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The Phoenixes Launch NFT Shopify Integration

The NFT project The Phoenixes have been hard at work building since their launch last month. First, they came up with their Hatch system for revealing their NFTs, allowing holders to choose if or when to reveal the randomized Phoenix hiding within their unhatched eggs (which could be from 8 possible factions). It was interesting to watch how this impacted their secondary market.

Typically NFT collections reveal all at once, so you instantly know whether or not you hold a rare NFT and can decide how you want to proceed with that knowledge. With the delayed hatch system, holders can choose to leave their eggs unhatched forever, keeping their unrevealed Phoenix artwork hidden. The existence of rare and legendary Phoenixes in the collection added mystery and thrill to the hatching process. As more eggs hatched, the likelihood would increase that the NFT hidden within an egg might be legendary. I would love to see more projects choose to experiment like this in the future. It feels like we’ve only scratched the surface of how we can implement Web3 tech. 

On that note, The Phoenixes have innovated yet again. Because they intend to integrate their Web3 brand into their Web2 company, Habit Nest, they wanted to find a way to make it easier for people who are utterly foreign to Web3 to buy one of their NFTs and benefit from the utility perks. Holding a Phoenixes NFT gives you lifetime access to their Habit Nest app, and depending on the floor price of the NFT at any given time, it may actually be at a discounted rate from what it would normally cost to unlock this feature through their app. Instead of forcing interested buyers to create a MetaMask account and hop on OpenSea, they decided to bring the functionality to their audience with simplicity through Shopify integration.

To read it in their own words: “The Phoenixes is now the first ever web2 company to allow for NFTs to be purchased with a credit card on Shopify.

We custom-coded this alongside the Crossmint team to get it up this quickly, again from idea to execution in less than 10 days. We are an agile startup + tech company and are just beginning to show it in the web3 space.
We built this as a Shopify app you can see here:

How it works

– Displays the OpenSea floor

– Allows people to select a Phoenix and purchase it using a credit card

– Once the purchase is completed, the Phoenix is stored in a custodial wallet

What it means

– We are able to constantly onboard our web2 customers to web3 with minimal friction. No Metamask setup, no buying ETH, no funding gas, etc.”

As you can see, in just a month’s time, The Phoenixes have already offered two exciting new concepts to the space. I’ll keep a close eye on them and can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next. 

E.clipse is a writer for The Pulse and an explorer of Web3. He's involved in many different projects, especially those with origins in anime and video games. He is currently a Community Advisor for Impact Theory, an Engineer with Collected, a Lore Writer and Moderator for the Overborne NFT project, and an Ambassador for the Legendary DAO.

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