The Pulse

The Pulse – 2022/01/14

Discord 2.0 is incoming! Over the next day IT will be prepping and updating discord! 

What do I have to do?

  • Absolutely nothing! It will all happen for you.

If I verified my ITFK/MM, will I have to again?

  • No need to reverify

How will I know it happened?

  • The channels you can see will be new.

Should be full integrated by Friday, 1/14

The Bark Experience is closed!

Reminder Opensea is sometimes showing the incorrect Bark.

If you are currently seeing someone else’s design, to see the correct version of your design, you can go to this link: . PLEASE NOTE you will need to replace “TOKENIDHERE” with the actual TokenID of the Merry Modz that you used to decorate your Bark. TokenIDs look like this: Merry Modz #1234. So if you actually had Merry Modz #1234, in the URL above, you’d replace “TOKENIDHERE” with 1234. Doing that will show you the correct version that was minted. Once OpenSea fixes their bug, this is the version you will see.

Founder’s Key Burn

Set your reminder and bring the smores on January 24th, 2022 at 12:30PM PST we’ll get to watch roughly 422 Legendary Keys, 355 Heroics and 650 Relentless keys get tossed into the fire.

Project Updates

– Avatar Project is set to release at the end of March

-Neon Future a partner project with Steve Aoki is still set to release June/July

-All Systems Go is still set to release end of the year

Legendary Key News

-Special Utility NFT is set to release end of Feb or early March for Legendary Keys bought during Whitelist or Presale (Token IDs 1-1387)

-Right to Partner terms and conditions are set to release soon.

Past Weeks Happenings

-Check out Evan Carmichael’s interview with Tom on Instagram @evancarmichael

-Check out Jon Leveille investor chat in #featured-info channel

Community Spotlight

@CD | Vagobond

Check out his daily(ish) roundup on Vagobond NFT Projects and platforms that he follows, collects, or considers relevant.

Upcoming Live Events

  1. Building in Web 3 with Tom Bilyue and Micah Johnson Jan 18th 11am PST in #Building in Web 3 Stage
  2. Building in Web 3 with Tom Bilyue and Noah KaganJan 21st 9am PST Noah Kagan
  3. Weekly Legendary Calls (the next 2)This week: Jan 21st 11.30am PSTNext Week: Jan 27th noon PST #Legendary Lounge
  4. MelonMinds TalkJan 22nd 11am PST in #Event Room
  5. Founder’s Key Burn Jan 24th 12.30pm PST in #Event Room

How To

How do I locate my Token ID? 

Yes, it’s different from your key number. 2 different ways, one on Opensea and another from Etherscan



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