The Pulse

The Pulse – 2022/01/28

Upcoming Live Events

  • Building In Web3 w/ Tom Bilyeu and Noah Kagan

January 28th @9:00am PST

Where: Initially on Twitter Spaces then moves to Discord “Building in Web3” stage
Twitter Space Link

Discord Link to the Announcement

  • Legendary Key Holder Call with Tom Bilyeu

January 28th @11:30am PST

Where: Legendary Lounge (must a hold Legendary key to access)
Discord Link to the Event

  • Melon Minds w/ Michal Šísl. Talking sleep and routines

January 29th @10:00am PST

Where: Melon Minds Stage

Discord Link to the Even

Recent Past Events (find the recordings linked in Discord)

  • Ono Northey’s MelonMind keynote on Saturday was a smashing success! From a tear-jerking backstory, to inspiration and actionable advice, Ono hit it out of the park. He explained how his study of people like Tony Robbins and Tom Bilyeu, led to him creating a mindset-focused book series “The Shard Chronicles”, turning effective mindset techniques into a unique system built into his stories. This is one recording you won’t want to miss!
  • Burn Event Recap: (There was a POAP)
    • The top 5 most upvoted memes during this event were rewarded the discord badge: 1st-Fast_and_Curious, 2nd-Egain Ryan, 3rd-Navio

4th-nicdeseel, 5th-Jballs


  • $100,000 donation to the Child Fund
    • “Our POAPs are better than a lot of people’s NFTs” (Tom)
    • IT is ramping up Tech and becoming a tech company
    • Blockchain allows for building custom experiences that live with you
    • Avatars Personality exam
    • Knowing who you are, not just your perception of you
    • Zen Koan
    • How do you disconnect from yourself to realize who you really are?
    •  “If you’re winning at Impact Theory’s gamification, you should be winning at life.”
    • SHOUTOUT to Maddi for those fire melon high heel and bad bitch boots emojis
    • Avatar Updates: See Below
    • Project Updates: See Below
    • The Burn begins with 422 x Legendary, 353 x Heroic, 650 x Relentless keys; Going to take a few hours (confirmed complete Jan 26th)
    • There is no such thing as virgin keys anymore (Fact Check: Tom said this in the call and we just want to clarify, Heroics with 1 free mint remaining and WL Sale Relentless with 3months of ITU remaining would be a virgin key.)
    • Right to Partner would be the only concern if you’re renting your key to someone in relation to “virgin key”


  • Lisa Bilyeu’s new book, “Radical Confidence”, reveal event!

Happened January 27th @12pm PST
Lisa read the intro to her new book “Radical Confidence”! It was the first reveal from the book, and the first for anyone to hear anything from the inside of it! If you haven’t already, be sure to head over to, join her mailing list and get your pre-order.

  • Pre-order Link
  • Impromptu Building in Web3 with Angry Apes Army (Outside Perk)
    • Overview of there project and how they think and move in the space.
    • Whitelist Giveaways to AAA new drop

Link to Recording

Project Updates

  • Merry Modz development continues daily/weekly in the background. Scripts are in development. As it currently stands – a *Modzmas in July* event is scheduled to tease out the team’s progress. Also the Bark Experience will be opening back up. Following that, it’s nose to the grindstone again through ~October into fall time, when marketing kicks in for full for Modzmas 2022!
  • Web3 Incentives for IT’s community (Community Engagement Platform) by end of Q1 for phase 1, multiple phases to come after
  • Bounty Board is in the works
  • All Systems Go already has scripts and going to Art – time target: end of year
  • Neon Future with Steve Aoki is loosely looking like Q3 now
  • CoTAG, Wish Academy, Burnland – all in story development
  • Anime Fans – RenderZ close to launch (outside of ITFK systems). Possible Rewards for RenderZ though for ITFK holders. The tech for RenderZ is being leveraged for Avatar Marketplace.

Avatar News

  • Avatar dates: going into testing March 31st, Avatar release early Q2, Avatar Phase 2 no info yet
  • Avatar Phase 1 – Personality Exam, will be assigned a Faction, Create visual Avatar, Full Body Avatar, can get certain items depending on keys and POAPs
  • How many factions? At least 5 maybe more
  • Avatar Faction can be reset
  • Avatars per key? 1
  • Keyholders get free Avatar and items, and they can buy special items
  • Non-Keyholders can buy into the Avatar and items
  • Rarity will matter
  • Key symbols impact Avatar
  • Some items can only be earned and not transferred
  • Avatar Launching with marketplace. Market place to sell or buy items
  • Not touching Tokenomics currently but there will be a point system
  • Avatars will be 3D. Hopefully will allow the owner to control the camera angle for PFP on Avatar
  • Will be an element to that PFP that provides a clear IT branding to help identify community members
  • Multiple keys will matter for Avatars but wouldn’t share why just yet
  • When you sell the key, it resets for the new person
  • Can you stack keys to get a better avatar? No plans
  • A plan to force re-roll the personality exam on a basis with new questions? Not currently but sounds like a cool plan
  • Discusses future Avatar ideas (Panda Bears, lol). Confirmed Panda Bears (if you’ve read this far this is a joke lol, future fun plans on this in the community if we can organize together though for a Panda Day)
  • Not sure on if Points items can be sold with Avatar for ETH (probably not)
  • Only one wallet can be connected at a time
  • Avatars has no limit but items do have a limit
  • Does MerryModz count in Avatar project? Yes
  • Distinct difference between ETH, points and how to redeem
  • Physical Merch? Not in Phase 1.

Key News

  • Legendary: Special Utility NFT is set to release end of Feb or early March for Legendary Keys bought during Whitelist or Presale (Token IDs 1-1387)
  • Legendary: Right to Partner terms will be presented in 2-3weeks for feedback and launch date mid to late Q1. Looking at different phases of RTP, later phase to provide some guidance for people with less experience Note: Right to Partner vs Right to Joint Venture misconceptions
  • Relentless: Life map for Relentless is done with writing then going to Art planning on Q2
  • All Keys: Outside Perks is back! Ensure you read through the announcement and watch Tom’s video about this.
    Link to Announcement and Disclaimer

IT Notion Board

IT has started a Notion Board which looks to offer some better organization than Discord for FAQ, How-To and etc..
They shared this new notion board in the #General FAQ channel in Discord.
Link to the Discord Post

Link to the Notion Board

Community Interview

This week’s Community Interview features the incredible Cara Hart! Cara is one of the most active members of the community, and as one of our recently appointed amazing new Moderators provides support to so many of us.

1) What first brought you to Impact Theory?

Actually, it was Tom’s Impact Quotes Videos. I was depressed and looking for “motivational videos” and Impact Quotes started up and I started watching all of the IT content for a long while.

2) As one of our most active community members, what encourages you to stay?

The Community itself. I love everyone’s fresh perspectives and kindness. It feels like home and as someone who’s always felt out of place it feels good to be somewhere that feels that way.

3) What are you most excited about for the future of IT (short term & long term)?

In the short term I’m excited to see what the Avatar project is about because I love building custom characters in games and it will be very cool to be able to do that with a metaverse ready character. A bit further on I’m excited to see what comes with Coyotes of the Airgap because it sounds like a fascinating premise. Long term I’m interested to see what kinds of impactful stories IT comes up with in film and AR/VR experiences because I love stories and want to see IT succeed.

4) What’s one thing you’ve learned that you wish everyone knew?

The biggest lesson I can give might sound a bit silly but for me it was an epiphany. Years back I was weeding a steep hillside where I once worked and the thought, “Everything is simple and complex things are just a bunch of simple things,” popped into my head. For me this was like my thinking brain had been activated and made me understand that I could literally learn anything as long as I found those simple foundations to build on top of. That’s what I would want people to know. If you can break down something complex into something simple you can understand. You can understand anything you put your mind to.

Did you know?

The perks on your keys have now been upgraded to unlock even more utility:

  • Lifetime free access to ITU for Legendary and Heroic. 50% off for Relentless
  • Legendary get free mints on all non-partner drops FOR LIFE. (1 per project)
  • Heroic gets 50% off mints and Relentless gets 20% of mints off all non-partner drops FOR LIFE. (1 per project)
  • All keys will get Lifetime free access to an ad-free content stream of Impact Theory content.

Yes, the old perks still show on Opensea right now, but IT are in the process of getting this updated so that Legendary keys no longer show a limited number of remaining mints.

Community Feedback to IT Project Team:

  • Utility Maps in #itfk-read-me need updating (complete)
  • Utility maps on need updating (complete)
  • Opensea Attributes need updating for Lifetime Free Mints (In Progress)
  • All Roadmaps need to have Bad Bitch Boots removed (confirmed today BBB is being re-branded to align with Radical Confidence, Lisa’s book theme)
  • Need an IT ran ITFK Twitter, Instagram and Youtube (Response from IT: In the works, Marketing team being onboarded may be a few months)
  • Does anyone have any ideas on how the community can better communicate feedback to the IT team? E.g is there a tool/platform that allows us to bullet list items we care about and actually up-rank priority as a community? (Yes, more to come over the next few weeks)

Crypto/NFT News

  • OpenSea are working on adding Solana NFTs and integrating Phantom wallet
  • CoinbaseNFT have announced they will accept Mastercard payments
  • Looksrare Surpassed Opensea’s 24-Hour Sales With $385 Million in Volume
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