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What is TravelX ? Interview with its founder Facundo Diaz

For the 6th episode of this season of our “Empowering Spaces” we had the chance to sit down for an hour with Facundo Martin Diaz. He is a Tech Investor and Entrepreneur with broad experience in virtual reality, metaverse, blockchain and web3 in general. He has deep expertise working in NFTs, DAOs, and VR/AR metaverse-related fields as a founder and advisor.

Recently, he has cofounded TravelX. This company’s goal is to build the new blockchain-based distribution and retail infrastructure for the travel industry, by allowing airlines to tokenize their inventory into NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

We started talking about Facu’s background and his origin as an entrepreneur, how he discovered crypto and realized that this was a technology that would change the world. 

We also discuss how Facu and his co-founder Juan Pablo, learn from failure.

“When you fail the only choice I know is to keep trying “. – Facundo Diaz

TravelX aims to align both the travel industry and travelers’ incentives taking advantage of the blockchain technology, while keeping the user’s experience as simple as possible.

At the moment of this writing (October 2022) they have 1 airline using their technology, but they’re already in conversations with more than 60 all around the world.

In the following month users all around the world will be able to buy, sell, transfer and auction their plane tickets as they’ve never been able to before.

Listen to the full episode and learn everything about this exciting new use case for NFTs.

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