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Women Rising in NFTs

The world has never been more ready for female entrepreneurs. Women are starting businesses at two-and-a-half times the rate of men, and three times as many women as men are earning degrees in entrepreneurship. But, female founders are still underrepresented in certain areas of business, such as finance, where women make up only around 7 percent of partners at venture capital firms globally. However, this trend is changing as more and more women are creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) — or cryptocurrency assets that can be exchanged but not copied.

One of the biggest barriers to women creating NFTs is tipping the scales so people know that this is an opportunity for women.

Women are underrepresented in the blockchain space, and the most common reason given is that there aren’t enough female developers. But that’s not true, women make up half of software developers worldwide. However, they only account for 11 percent of blockchain developers today—and even less when we look at just crypto startups in Silicon Valley: only 7 percent are female.

There are several reasons why it may be harder for women to get involved with crypto:

* Lack of female role models in crypto
* Lack of awareness around NFTs and Web3 Opportunities
* Women not getting the same recognition and media coverage as their male counterparts

There are women working behind the scenes to get the word out about NFTs, and to teach other women how to create them.They are making sure that there is a strong female community of digital artists, painters and photographers who know how to use NFTs for their projects. They are also creating educational materials that explain what an NFT is and how you can use it on your own artwork.

These women have been working hard so that other female creatives can learn about this new technology, and share their knowledge with others!

An organization called Women Rise uses NFTs as part of its overall strategy, and it’s training women on how to create them, so they can become thought leaders in the blockchain space. It’s an important aspect for women to insert themselves into this space to help foster a social movement.

It’s a way for women to raise funds and to build leadership skills within different communities. This can be really powerful considering we know that when women are empowered and have access to financial resources, they can make decisions that can help create a world that’s more inclusive and diverse.

Women are organizing grassroots efforts to spread the word about NFTs and teach other women how to create them. This is good, but we need more of it!

Edited by Jelly Bean

As one of the founders of The Pulse, Shea_D (2shady) is looking to bring empowering content to Web3 communities and help inspire people to chase their dreams.

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